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LLOYD’Z Garage Remote Tuning Centers are bringing quality tuning opportunities to an Indian Dealership near you!

Utilizing new technology, Remote Tuning is a process that requires no dynamometer and can be performed by any LLOYD’Z Garage certified Remote Tuning Center.

To achieve maximum power, speed or fuel-efficiency, throttle response, and overall rideability for your Indian Motorcycle, click on the name of the Remote Tuning Center closest to you for their site below!

Below is a list of dealers that are remote tuning centers for Lloyd'z Garage! Under each shop will note if the shop is an RTC (they can tune Chieftain, Roadmaster, & Scout models) or also an LTL (they can tune Challenger, FTR, & 22' Chief). If you have any questions at all please email or!

Remote Tuning Center Locations

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