11 in. Flare Windshield – Tinted


This 11 in. Curved Windshield adds custom style and outstanding front-end wind and weather protection. This windshield extends laterally to better direct airflow around the riders. It also has a curved top edge to deflect air over the riders as well. It has a slight tint, and sculpted styling that enhances the bike’s look.

*Fits Challenger models


  • One 11 in. Curved Windshield
  • Adds custom style and enhances rider comfort
  • Provides outstanding front-end wind and weather protection
  • Extends laterally to efficiently direct airflow around riders
  • Curved top edge deflects air over riders
  • Light tint
  • Sculpted design enhances bike’s style
  • Sturdy, durable polycarbonate construction

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 12 × 27 in


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